We make slammin' indoor basketball hoops

We love basketball, the best game on earth!

We have been fans from the days of when Michael Jordan entered the league as he mesmerized us with his amazing dunks, who knew he could fly through the air like that? His amazing drives to the rim with his tongue sticking out, as if he could change direction and speed all while suspended in midair.  We did not have a team in our city then, but I felt like the Bulls were my team growing up.  

We want to bring this kind of excitement wherever basketball is played.

Indoor basketball hoops are much more than simply toys.  Our custom backboards are made to stand out.  We have combined our passion for basketball and woodworking to create something you would be proud to display in your home or office with pride.

The amount of care we take into making each product by hand is something we are proud of.  It all starts with the proper selection of wood, which is hand prepared through a 3-step sanding process and completed with a custom mixed stain and a protective finish coating for longevity. 

Proudly made in the home of the 2019 NBA Champions - Toronto Raptors! 

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Mini Basketball Rim