Have a question about the Best Wooden Basketball Hoops?

Take a peak at our FAQs but feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.

What size is your indoor basketball hoop?

We currently manufacture one size of basketball hoop, which are approximately 22” wide and 16” tall.  Each piece of wood we utilize has slightly different dimensions, so your mini basketball hoop may differ a bit.

Where are they manufactured?

In Toronto Canada, Home of the 2019 NBA Champions – Toronto Raptors.

Are they for play or only for show?

Both of course.  You should definitely play with our mini basketball hoops, they are to be enjoyed.  You should avoid dunking though or hanging from the rim.

Are they for indoor or outdoor?

You should only use our mini wooden basketball hoops indoors, they are not meant for outside play.

How do you assemble and hang them?

You will need to place two screws through a wooden stud in the wall, and then hang the backboard on those screws.  The installation is sturdy, and we recommend you do not use drywall anchors, because they may not be strong enough.  You will receive instructions on how to put the rim onto the backboard, it’s very simple to do.

Are they for dunking?

No.  You can shoot and play on our hoops, but please do not dunk or hang on the rim.

Do you have other basketball accessories?

Yes, we have a ball holder which can be added to compliment your mini wood basketball net.  If you have a suggestion for other products you would like, feel free to let us know.

What kind of wood do you use?

It depends on availability in the season, but generally we use spruce or pine wood.