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Light Brown Mini Basketball Hoop

Light Brown Mini Basketball Hoop

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Painted Line
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The Light Brown Mini Basketball Hoop is perfect for kids to play with or basketball enthusiasts to hang up in their game room.

The light brown is a great addition to any room, it blends in very well but it's bold enough with the contrasting black lines.

The dimensions of the custom backboard are approximately 22" x 16", with a 9" rim, and also comes with a 4" basketball and a swish net.

Our process

The wood source we choose is either Select Pine or Spruce with various wood grains that add to the unique look of each and every indoor basketball hoop.

Your specific net will be made to order, and will take great care into sanding each and every piece by hand at least three times. This allows for the wood grain to be ready to accept the custom mixed pigmented water based stains.

Once we have the desired stain color mixed, we will again raise the wood grain one last time, re-sand it again, then finally begin to apply the stain. This ensures a beautiful finish to the backboard.

The square lines add a degree of contrast with the backboard, and are hand painted and also clear coated afterwards to ensure longevity.

Options Available

You can also add a matching ball holder to your order, we will stain it the same color so it will look great next to your custom basketball hoop.

Also, we are open to changing the line colors between white and black and also the rim colors between black and orange.

Our packaging

We take great pride in our customized indoor basketball hoops for each and every customer, therefore we want to ensure that it is fully protected on its way to your home.  The packaging is secure and the corners of the backboard are well protected, and each rim is individually wrapped to add further assurance.

One last thing

Each mini basketball hoop will vary from the pictures shown, so the color and wood grain will vary slightly, due to the organic nature of the wood.  It’s not uncommon to have knots and other natural blemishes in the wood grain. Each basketball hoop is made to last and be played on, but they are not intended to be hung on or dunked on.  There is some minor assembly required, we will be sure to attach clear and concise directions.

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